Scholarship Information

Several scholarships are available for Civil and Architectural Engineering students. Only one application is needed to apply to the scholarships listed below. Several scholarships have specific focus areas, and you should make sure that you provide all the required information to be eligible:

·        The DFI-Educational Trust – Larry P. Rayburn UC Civil Engineering Scholarship (CVE- 2 or more scholarships totaling $10,000 for needy students who have shown an interest in the deep foundation industry via civil, geotechnical or construction engineering.)

·        William D. Lockwood Scholarship (CVE junior/ senior, Structural Engineering) $1000

·        Joseph Dave Civil Engineering Scholarship (Awarded to a CVE junior or senior) $1000

·        Wilson Edward Adam Scholarship (CVE - needy and worthy students in the College) $1000

·        Richard Goettle III Scholarship (CVE freshman/sophomore students who achieved a high GPA and have high financial need) $1000

·        Raymond J. Wilke Scholarship (CVE Long term Resident (10 years) of Ohio or Georgia - sophomore/pre-junior/ junior/ senior) $1000

·        Robert T. & Helen C. Howe Civil Engineering Award (CVE senior with the greatest increase in GPA from end of first-year to autumn semester of senior year.) $1000

·        Jiten Manilal Shah Scholarship Fund (CVE undergrad-all majors- preferably Ohio Resident) $500

·        Jiten Manilal Shah Scholarship Fund (CVE-Graduate Structural Engineering- preferably Ohio Resident) $500

·        The Louis M. Laushey Outstanding Junior Award-ASCE Cincinnati (Awarded to the junior in Civil Engineering with the highest GPA) $400

·        The Louis M. Laushey Outstanding Pre-Junior Award - ASCE Cincinnati Awarded to the pre-junior in Civil Engineering with the highest GPA) $400

All applications will be reviewed by a committee of three faculty members. The application shall be assembled in one file in the following order:

  1. The application will have a single cover sheet showing:

    1. Name of the Applicant

    2. Major and Date/Year of Graduation

    3. Up-to-date cumulative GPA

    4. State of residency. If Ohio resident indicate the number of years of your residency in Ohio.

    5. Have you or are you planning to co-op internationally? If yes, where and when?

    6. What is your area of concentration (i.e. structural, construction, transportation,???)

    7. Do you have an interest in the deep foundation industry? If yes, you should include a separate section in your essay describing experience you had in the deep foundation industry.

    8. Date of submission

  2. Current résumé, showing service and leadership to organizations and community

  3. An essay of not more than 1500 words about your merit for the scholarship:

Among the factors to be considered in the evaluation of the scholarship application will be: financial needs, leadership, academic performance (GPA), Service to the School, College, University and Community, etc. The essay should explain to the committee each of the above factors in a separate paragraph.

Extended Application Deadline: February 20th, 2016, 4:00 PM.

To submit your application, go to the "Content" folder of the "Students - CEACM" Canopy (i.e., Blackboard) web site and click on the "Civil and Architectural Engineering Scholarships 2016" Link. You will be able to upload your file from this link.

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